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 About PCTime

PC Time supplies specialist appliances for network services, representing leading vendors in the Australia and New Zealand region.

With decades of accumulated technical experience, we help our clients find and implement appropriate solutions.

That experience has lead us to promote server appliance solutions, because they deliver real benefits to managers of modern networks:
  • Simplicity and ease of management
  • Enhanced security
  • Greater reliability and robustness
  • Lower total cost of ownership

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 Solution Partners

ApplianSys' mission is to make IT managers' lives easier, by delivering on the server appliance paradigm.

They integrate best-of-breed network application software from vendor partners and the open source community into the ApplianSys appliance "wrapper". Customer testimonials show that ApplianSys delivers appliances that are simple, secure, robust, intuitive and low cost.

ApplianSys DNSBOX systems are now used by many customers globally; by ISPs and registries such as Nominet in the UK, IT Service organisations such as IBM and Unisys, major government organisations such as NASA, and large corporations such as the Westpac bank. The DNSBOX Master and Slave appliances provide very robust, secure, reliable, and economic solutions for DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management to any sites from the smallest to the largest with wide geographically dispersed requirements.

With the current move from IPv4 to IPv6 the UK Registry Nominet's engineers, after extensive selection tests, chose the DNSBOX for making IPv6 deployments easy, offering full support for DNSSEC and simplifying IP address management. The DNSBOX slaves include the most advanced secure technology for authoritative and recursive DNS responses most suitable for sites with the highest security requirements.

The ApplianSys CACHEBOX range provide performance caching/acceleration at outstanding value for money, with solutions for a wide range of web caching requirements such as:
  • Reducing bandwidth costs from fixed line or satellite connections
  • Accelerating web access in your school
  • Monitoring what employees are browsing online
  • Lightening the load on web servers with reverse caching
The solutions are versatile and scalable, with installations around the world in all shapes and sizes, from internet service providers to education authorities supporting thousands of schools, blue-chip multi-nationals, and public sector bodies.